Be Inspired

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This is what Be Inspired is about. I want your extraordinary mojo to be ignited when you read about everyday people who are following their passion, doing awesome things and living their best life.

Get ready to be inspired! I hope this will spark the light in you so that you take action and go after what is important to you.

Be Inspired Features Julia Zarina

Julia Zarina is a passionate motivation insider who empowers Millennials to find their way from stuckness to greatness by helping them understand the human needs that currently drive them. She believes that self-awareness is key to success in business and life and enjoys making... Read More

Be Inspired Features Lakesha Brown – Uncommon Chick

Lakesha Brown is a multi-passionate mentor, speaker, perpetual optimist, aha-moment generator, rebel at heart, awesomesauce dealer, always laughing, easily bribed with Oreos (hint, hint!) & an all around cool chick. In addition, she is a computer engineer by education, health coach by training, web... Read More

Be Inspired features Chris Mauerer – Founder of Loverope

Christian Mauerer’s mission is to make this planet a little  happier. He started out with post-its, creating artwork with it and doing some design stuff wherever he goes. It continued with a 12.000mile trip to find happiness. At the moment he is creating his own customizable bracelet... Read More

Be Inspired Features Jacklyn Denise McCann – PR #Ladyboss

Owner and director of Jacklyn Denise Communications – a lifestyle PR boutique in Toronto with over seven years of PR and communications experience. Hailing from the east coast of Canada, she dove into the agency world, then strut her heels (now preferably flats, there... Read More

Be Inspired Features Andrea Currie – Fine Artist

Andrea Currie is fine artist, writer, creative director @PomonaLIFE. Her art depicts the spiral where we live and grow as human beings, in a constant flux of revisiting, revising and renewing ourselves. Like trees, we build on these layers as cycles in our growth make... Read More