When To Draw The Line

‘If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, Leave.”- Mo Willems   When you are hustling for the wrong reasons. When you lose yourself in trying to be liked by everyone else When you find yourself busting your ass for people who don’t appreciate you. When you are fixated on controlling the outcome and it is doing more harm than good for you. Keeping you up at night. Worrying. Stressing.  

Stop the struggle.

  Release your expectations.   Let it Go.  

Let your desire for relief be more important for now than achieving what it is you desire.

  Take a break. Give it a rest.   Spend time reconnecting with what you love doing. Spend time reconnecting with the people who puts you at ease. Spend time doing nothing. Spend time alone.   Sleep. Rest. Recharge.  

Replenish yourself with things that makes you feel good on the inside.

  As Rania Naim wrote in an article featured on Thought Catalog,
You are allowed to set yourself free from your own expectations.
  Stepping away from what you are not winning at can be a good thing.


At some point you have to draw the line.

  When you stop trying to please everyone and trying figure things out, it can help you re-discover yourself and your priorities with a clear head. It can help reset your perspective.   So when you are ready, leave whatever that is sucking the energy out of you behind. Go to the place and the people that makes you feel at home.   There’s no rush to turn around.   Go on now… Start Heading Home.   This track Heading Home by Gryffin ft. Josef Salvat is the perfect music muse to take you home when you get caught up in the shenanigans of life. Enjoy 🙂       Photo by: Inspiration de

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