What Say We Turn Life Into Improv Art

I was reading an article by James Alutcher where he shares the best quotes from Bill Murray, kinda like what I also did here but in his own fashion.   Similar to James Altucher, I too want to be Bill Murray. Unafraid.   But come on now! Who doesn’t?!   As I always do whenever I read, I look for sequencing of words that pops out and inspires an article idea. And there it was. In the article, he describes the way Bill Murray lives his life beautifully:  


He takes his daily life and turns it into improv. Into art.


And this inspired me to write this article.


So I stole the line from James Alutcher’s article (Thanks James for the constant inspiration and motivation!) and made it the title of this article.


Life as we know it has its own way of unfolding. The only certainty we have is things change. And as much as we think we can control the events that happen in our lives, we don’t. And the more we try and constantly control what will happen in our lives and resist what is happening, the more stressed, tense and anxious we get.


Sometimes, we need to lose ourselves to find ourselves.


Other times, we need to as Bill Murray said, “try to be alert and available… for life to happen to me.”


During the final 2016 presidential debate as Donald Trump mutters into his microphone calling Hilary a ‘nasty woman”.


Hilary’s composure was solid and her team took the insult and turned it into a badass compliment.  Embracing it in to a label #Iamanastywoman, sparking women to stand in solidarity and power to be champions for each other.


This is what it is to “turn life into improv art.”


The more we can:

  • adapt to a situation;
  • get out of our comfortable routine;
  • roll with the punches;
  • exercise our creativity muscles;
  • surrender to faith;
  • objectively see our problems;
  • listen to our intuition;
  • accept reality and the facts;


We will have a better chance to:

  • discover the answers to solve our problems;
  • find peace within our minds, and
  • survive in almost any situation when one presents itself to you.


We will realize we are not powerless in the face of the cards we are dealt with.


Merely, we come to understand what manifests in our lives we simply group them into categories of our own preferences. What we like and what we dislike which makes up what we believe is good or bad.


Instead of attempting to fight and try to conform things that are out of our control, we will improvise. We will use our power to reframe and find a way to work with reality. This will be one of our greatest tools to work with the forces of the universe - which has done quite well for itself for the past 14 billion years.


Perhaps Michael Salinger who wrote The Surrender Experiment said it best:


Once you are ready to let go of yourself, life becomes your friend, your teacher, your secret love. When life’s way becomes your way, all the noise stops and there is a great peace.


We know what we resist persists, so turn life into improv art. Flirt with it, loosen up, you can shake off whatever life throws at you. I believe in you.  At the end, you may find yourself be more fearless and your soul more awakened and opened to the magical and enigmatic nature of life.


Photo by: Beata Ratuszniak

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