Could This Be The Secret To Take Years Off Your Face

"I regret taking such good care of my skin" - said no one ever   I woke up one fine day looking at my face in the mirror and thinking how old I had grown and all those signs of aging on my face were so visible. That very day I asked myself, “Is there any way possible through which I do not need to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgeries and over the counter beauty creams?”   The only answer I could find and that worked wonders for me was Face Yoga.   It eliminated a majority of those wrinkles and fine lines naturally, while regaining my youthful glow and supple skin. It was magical to see how my saggy neck turned into a perfectly lifted and unlined one in just around 60 days. All thanks to the baby bird pose for face yoga that I still believe in and perform so ritually. Face Yoga pertains to a hybrid between face exercise and yoga, both of which combined aid in increasing blood flow as well as striking the right spots to help reduce the signs of aging within no time.   Mentioned below are just a few of the numerous benefits of incorporating Facial yoga into your day-to-day routine and why you should give it a try:  

1. Tightens and Tones Facial Muscles

The gym is used for the purpose of either to maintain your already ideal weight or for losing it through the constant contraction and relaxation of your muscles. Likewise, the human face itself consists of a whopping 57 muscles that loosen overtimes causing the skin to sag.   By taking up face yoga on a daily basis, the skin attached to those muscles will eventually tighten and regain their supple shape.  

2. Helps with Toning the Neck

They say that a woman’s actual age can be identified by looking at the neck. We women most of the time tend to overlook our necks and concentrate on maintaining our face because of which it is the neck that suffers most with age.   However, several Face Yoga poses incorporate the usage of the neck muscles as well. As a result of which our neck benefits from the same age-defying effects as our facial muscles. With the continuous flow of blood to your face and neck can lead to an increased production level of collagen.  

3. Releases Stress and Tension

In this never ending race called life, we humans, especially adults, and young adults carry a tremendous amount of pressure upon ourselves due to our responsibilities and the dynamic lives we live.   Under such circumstances, practicing Face yoga as a way of releasing the negative energy and stress out of our bodies leaves us our skin all revitalized and glowing.  

4. The Most Inexpensive Method for Retaining Your Youthful Glow

Being completely cost-free, Face Yoga wins the award for being the cheapest and the most efficient out of the bunch when it comes to achieving young looking skin and making you look much younger than your age.  

5. An All-Natural Way to Take Years Off Your Face

Opting for costly cosmetic procedures seems to have become the norm these days with the most prominent example of Kylie Jenner going under the knife while she was still 17 years’ old.   However, I believe that there are still some people in the work that wish to age gracefully and naturally rather than getting their face filled with Botox and giving out an expressionless frozen look.   Face Yoga does not involve the usage of any chemically steroidal induced creams and neither does it involve going under the knife. It’s non-invasive and only takes up to 20 minutes a day anywhere to everywhere, completely cost-free and gives results that are far more sustainable than any other artificial method.   An expert in face yoga, Danielle Collins has shared her daily routine which incorporates different poses alongside their instructions to mimic the effects of cosmetic surgery, without having to go under the knife or spend a dime. Check out this Marie Claire article where Danielle Collins shares some of her favorite facial yoga exercise.   Furthermore, I’ve found wearing an anti-wrinkle face bandage while you are doing face yoga, has helped my skin to tighten faster and made my wrinkles disappear really quickly.   Being famous for achieving the same standard of result as that of a facelift, Face Yoga has been proven to be an efficient and sustainable way of producing the youthful glow one may have lost with time and age.  Why not give it a try?   Do you have a skincare routine that works for you?  Share below!  

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A mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at  Get the scoop on the 3 best rated anti-wrinkle face bandages here.

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