How to Shake Off Stress and Anxiety?

We live in a fast paced environment, in an age of instant gratification, where we are constantly overloaded with information and needing to make decisions and taking actions quickly.   Sooner or later we get lost in the noise and lose sense of what is important to us. We forget why we do, what we do in the first place. We fear if we don’t keep up, we will lose out on an opportunity.   When in fact, the greatest thing you would have lost is your time doing what you love with those who means the most to you and your health. Without your health, you are unable to do anything.   Many doctors, psychologist and mind body healers have noted that our body is on overdrive dealing with constant stress.   It is operating on fight/flight response mode focused on trying to help you manage crisis to help get you through “one more thing”, rather than focusing on maintaining balance and restoring your health. If we keep this up, sooner or later, our body will break down.   For your body to recharge itself and heal, your body and mind needs to be in a relaxed state.   Today I share with you 11 ways to shake off stress and anxiety to help return your body to its natural relaxation state. Below you’ll find that the list involves doing things with heart, movement and soul.  

1. Engage with Nature

There is something about being outdoors, connecting with nature, seeing the beauty and getting in touch with mother Earth that gets rid of stress and brings peace and balance back into your mind.  

2. Be Active

Find an activity that helps center yourself and resonates with you and make it a regular practice. For me I like going for a walk, hiking in the mountains, practicing yoga, meditation, and clean that helps me get rid of the tension and stuck energy that is literally pent up inside of me or in my environment.


3. Have Faith

Life is constantly changing, know that this too shall pass. Let go of the stress. The power lies within you to choose how you respond to your current situation to change the outcome. Trust that all will be well.  

4. Spend Time Hugging Someone or a Pet

The feeling of touch and the action of stroking your pet builds your sympathetic emotional bond and creates a sense of a safety that engages in renewal.  

5. Look at things from the “others” perspective.

Often times it is how you see thing that is causing you to feel stress. Think about what you would like to feel instead and try changing your thoughts and seeing things from a more positive perspective. This can often relieve stress and anxiety.  

6. Play, Laugh, and Dream.

Find your inner child and play, if you have kids, play with your kids. It brings lightness and perspective to what matter in your life. Laughter is the best medicine. And Dream - Imagine and visualize your ideal life where you feel peace, love and joy.  

7. Sing Out Loud.

Research teams at Duke University and Harvard, has shown, singing can make you happy, and healthy. It increase your “happy” hormone, improves mental clarity, reduces stress, and has positive physical benefits.


8. Get Moving.

As humans, it is our nature that we need to move. So find an activity you enjoy to doing and get moving. If you are tight on time, than find way to incorporate movement and physical activity, i.e. take stairs, park farther away, playtime with kids. I personally love dancing, so I often blast my favorite tunes and can dance wherever I am.


9. Surround Yourself Around Uplifting People.

Share your stresses with people who you trust and who are positive, supportive who you can count on for help when needed.  

10. Volunteer.

As Aristotle says, “Serve others and Do Good”. The benefits of serving other and giving back is not only good for your mental and physical health, it’s also good for your soul. It reminds us of all the things we have to be grateful for, and brings humanity together.  

11. Digital Detox.

This is a gem from Arianna Huffington. Make time to disconnect with your digital devices. It could be to not check your emails first thing in the morning and wait until you’ve done your morning routine. Limit your time checking emails to 2 to 3 times a day. Limit your time on Facebook and other social media. Put your digital devices away after a certain hour or perhaps not even use it on Sundays!   Most importantly, BREATHE!   Choose one item you can implement into your life starting today and share with me below. I'd love to read them.  

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