32 Powerful Questions to Change Your Life

I wrote this post and it was first published on Dumb Little Man.  I like the simplicity of it and feel it's a great simple resource that warrants me to repost it here on my own site to help you develop the skill of asking powerful questions and helping yourself.   The majority of us who are not suffering from clinical or mental disorders have the power to control our thoughts and our feelings.   It is a matter of whether we choose to focus our attention to deliberately direct our own mind to support our well-being and drive our inspired actions.  

How do you do this?

By asking powerful questions. When you catch yourself operating from a negative, restricted head space, turn your attention to focus on what you do want and how you want to feel instead. This helps your mind shift gears to ask better questions to help guide you out of your head space and into your heart space.

You’ll not only get a better answer that is aligned with who you are and what you want to be and do, you’ll also attract more of what it is you do want in your life.


Asking yourself powerful questions can be a scary experience, as it often brings out more than a yes or a no response, where it enhances your self-awareness and pushes you out of your comfort zone. It drills down to the core that’s keeping you numb or stuck and brings out the pain and fears you’ve tucked away.


However as the old saying goes, without pain there is no gain, and the questions are essential to help you gain clarity and commitment in moving you forward in creating the life you want.


Below you will find 32 short and simple powerful questions followed by a brief commentary on what it can do for you. My hope is from a simple question, it will elicit your inner coach to come up with more powerful questions to ask yourself in the process to help you gain the insight you need to motivate you to step into your greatness, live out your purpose and be the best you.


1. What do I want?

Helps you get clear on what it is YOU desire.


2. How do I feel?

This creates space for awareness of what it is your feeling and allows you to choose deliberately what thoughts will help you shift to a better feeling place, to a place you want to feel.

3. Why is it important?

Why do anything at all if it is not important to you?

4. What if _______?

We often like get stuck in the ‘what if’ negative scenarios. Instead of marinating your thoughts in negative outcome, try flipping the ‘What if’ outcome to a positive, i.e. “What if I succeed?”  


5. What else?

This is a goodie to use to dig deeper and get more depth and information and specifics in you answers, so that you don’t hide in the ambiguity of generality.


6. If not now, when?

This puts time into perspective.


7. What is stopping you?

This usually brings your fear and what it is you are avoiding to the surface.


8. What am I avoiding?

See Question 7.


9.What is draining me?

This helps pinpoint what is making you feel tired and unenergetic.


10.Who is draining me?

This helps pinpoint who is making you feel tired and unenergetic.


11. How can I improve?

To help you reflect on your actions and results, and what needs to be tweaked to attain a better outcome or get you to your next milestone.


12.What is the challenge?

To get clarity on what you need to overcome.


13. What is my edge?

To identify your comfort zone.


14. What is missing?

To identify what is needed to complete _________.


15.What am I ignoring?

To help you see your blindspot or what is missing.


16.What are my options?

To see potential and possibilities.


17.What am I tolerating?

To see what you have been putting up with and what’s been holding you back causing a bottleneck in your life.


18.What gets me excited?

To get in the good feeling space and reminds you of what makes you happy.


19.What is the impact?

To see and think about the overall picture, and take into consideration of how it will affect you, the people who may be involved and the circumstance at hand.


20.Who am I?

To create self-awareness and help you own who you are.

21.What do I value?

To create self awareness and help you understand why you do what you do.


22.Who do I love?

Often by identifying who you love or whose love we crave for it helps us motivate us to change.


23.What would I change?

See question 11.


24.What scares me?

To help identify your fear.


25.What have I tried?

To reflect on the actions you have taken to help generate new ideas and inspired actions.


 26.What is possible?

The sky is the limit. It helps ignite your imagination.


27. So what?

There may be negative connotations to this question but if you stand true to yourself and is taking responsibility for your actions, then this simple question is fair game to use as other’s opinion of you does not matter, so move on.


28.Now what?

This simple question helps you plan your next step(s).


 29.What can I do?

Puts the onus on you to put forth your best effort and attitude to respond and attain the result you seek.


30.What have I learned?

Reflects on the lessons learned so efforts can be tweaked and improved next time.


31.What’s working?

To focus on the positive and what has worked to boost your confidence and feeling of positivity and possibility.

32.What’s going right?

See question 31.


What other short simple powerful questions popped up for you? Let me know!

 Photo by: Marco Bellucci

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  1. Hi Theresa,

    Wonderful indeed 🙂

    I loved these powerful questions that make us think and dwell within ourselves, and the little explanation given with each one of them, makes it all the more better.

    Thanks for sharing it. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  2. Vinay Laddha

    Today I just read your article (What to Do When Things Go Wrong and You Feel Sorry for Yourself ) on Tiny Buddha and for timepass visited your site but I was not known where I’m heading and those 32 question were enough to get me on my Track right back, I was too much distracted but when I answered those questions it felt pain and that was enough for myself to remind what I’m looking for and what I wanna do.

    Thank you very much.

    • Theresa Ho

      You are most welcome Vinay. I am glad the questions were able to get you back on track and remind you of what is important to you.

  3. Adam

    Hi Theresa,
    Thanks very much for your article which was much appreciated. I now feel I’ve found the ladder to climb out of the pit I was in & broaden my outlook in a more positive way.
    Kind regards,

  4. Mai

    Hey Theresa,
    I stumbled upon your greatness through Google. I was having a really bad day after going through a tough interview and get this my feedback was I didn’t know how to express myself and I don’t have enough vocabulary or I don’t use enough vocabulary and what really got to me is that I know plenty of vocabulary because I read a lot, in fact I spent 90% of my time reading. Anyway getting to the point now so I typed in Google how to express myself better and tiny Buddha was the first result and here I am. Your words really moved me and surprisingly made me more depressed because I know I will do absolutely nothing to change how I am but I decided to explore your site and found those dreadful questions, for me actually, and I have no idea how to answer any of those questions. I got zero answers. none. it’s really sad. I’m sorry for the long post but I actually consider this a great step forward for me because I’m writing to you, I’m trying to express myself. I just don’t know what to do now but I will figure it out somehow. Thank you so much for this site and hopefully it will be a start for me to express myself better. Thanks for your time reading this loooong comment.

    • Theresa Ho

      Thanks Mai for visiting my site. You are right you have the vocabulary and I have no doubt you can express yourself. One question you may want to ask yourself is what’s holding you back in expressing yourself? In my experience, it’s often fear of something. It could be saying the wrong thing, being judged as not good enough, not smart enough etc. Be honest in your answer. And whatever comes up for you, use it as a stepping question to go deeper in uncovering the root of that part of you that I sense may have developed in the past to help protect you and deal with some event you experienced in the past. Let me know what you discover!

  5. Novalia

    Hi Theresa
    Thank you very much for sharing. it is really build my strength again to start after failed at somethings. I love the question about “what is stopping you?” cause I’m always to afraid to start something, those fear of failure always haunt me.
    anyways have a wonderful day

    • Theresa Ho

      Hi Novalia, thank you for stopping by. Take the time you need to rebuild and learn from the lessons. We all have times where we need to take
      time for ourselves to recharge. And ask yourself what is the lesson learned? and what would you do differently now?

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