Revolutionary Change Begins With You

(5 minutes) Recently, my friend Jewel Carter published her book F.E.A.R. The acronym stands for F! Excuses. Act Revolutionary! Check it out!   And she asked me what does revolutionary mean to you? And what makes me revolutionary?   The first thing that popped up in my mind was people leading some sort of radical political movement.   And the thought of it made me uncomfortable. I’m not revolutionary in any sense. I have no desire to lead any type of demonstration or movement. Let alone be in people’s faces, trying to rally support to be for or against a certain social, environmental issue or political faction.   The reason is not because I lack passion in the subject. (Well depending on the issue that could be part of the reason). But even when I have a preferred side, I often find it unnecessary to be so vocal about my stance and impose it on others.   You see we all have our beliefs and values which we’ve acquired mostly by default based on the country, family, etc. that we were born into. We all have our own backstories that most people are not privy to see which shapes our perception of what is right or wrong. And to add to the mix, there are always pros and cons to every issue.   This is not to say I don’t believe war, racism, corruption and anyone who intentionally tries to hurt and cause suffering and harm on another human being or living organism (other than for self-defense) is wrong.   In my opinion (based on my values) it is. And yes, I think having a general agreement of societal values is needed to help keep order in our society.   However, at the same time I believe it is unfair for me to judge others’ values as right or wrong or for me to inflict them to understand mine, because neither is right or wrong or vehemently better. We are all just born into this world to try and find our own way to make the most out of our experiences and in making sense of it.   So instead of imposing, Why Not:  
  • Be more willing to listen with a non-judgmental mind?
  • Invite others to ‘try on’ to see things as you do, to meet you in the middle?
  • Utilize our differences to foster a deeper understanding and tolerance for one another?
  • Allow others and yourself the freedom to choose what resonates to living a proud life?
  In doing so, will we not foster more acceptance with one another and help each other grow into better beings?   Certainly this is idealistic and it will by no means happen overnight. But in the process of being open to listen to one another’s point of view, it could trigger change when something unexpectedly happens where our beliefs and values start to collide with our experiences non?   Because in this window of opportunity where our belief is being challenged, we may start to question our own thoughts.  And having been open to hearing others' perspectives and ideals,  would there not be a greater likelihood we will be more open to explore other viewpoints and see the merits of it?   Thus, depending on circumstance and the factors at play, it could possibly influence us.  And it is in that moment, we may decide to rewrite our beliefs, change up our values or upgrade our rules in life to serve us better.   So I gave the question what does revolutionary means to you some further thought. I asked myself, what if it doesn’t have to involve leading a group of people and just started with me.   And as I thought about this, the infamous quote from Mahatma Ghandi and Rumi rung loud in my ears, reminding me every revolution begins with one. With you.
MahatmaGhandi quote

Revolution for me then means to revel in the evolution of yourself!


It Begins with You. Doing Your Own Inner Work.  Feeling empowered and aligned with your authentic self.   And as you continue to grow and experience life to the fullest, this feeling becomes contagious and others around you who you are meant to touch will start experiencing their lives in a different way, igniting their own personal revolution.


And so what makes me revolutionary?   Simply by being me. I am a reformed people pleaser and converted lover of life, I’m here to empower others to say yes to themselves, to not give up on life, to kick start them to take action in making the best of what they can to create a life they want. On their own terms.


Remember you are the beholder of your life, what you make of it is within your power. (click to tweet)


Over to you.


Ready to start your own revolution?

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