Do You Experience The Perfect Timing Syndrome

How many times have you put something off because you are waiting for something to happen?  

Often I hear things like:

  I’ll buy something new to wear when I have a party to go to.   I’ll open that vintage bottle of wine when there is a special occasion.   I’ll book that vacation when my friends have figured out what they are doing for holidays this year.   I’ll get back to playing golf, painting, gardening, (fill in the thing you’ve been putting off doing), when I have time.  

Does this sounds familiar? Here’s the thing...

  What if you decide to do it without waiting around for the perfect timing?   You know as well as I do, you don’t have to wait until all the conditions are right. Because that time, that special occasion, that special moment may never come. If you keep waiting around, you may never get to experience and enjoy what it is you are holding out for.  

Ask yourself:

  What can you do right now to move forward this second in how you treat yourself? Who, what and how will you spend your time and efforts on in your life?   Perhaps you can start by carving out 15 minutes a day indulging in whatever it is that brings you peace and comfort. For me this ranges from drinking a glass of wine to putting on my headphones getting lost in my music playlist, going for a walk, planning a trip, reading a chapter of a book, catching up with a friend.   Or, for those bigger life changing decisions, do what feels right for you.  Give yourself the permission to take the time you need to make up your mind.  

Set a timeframe to decide.

  Re-evaluate if you need to stretch out your timeline, but don’t extend it unnecessarily. Or you may be waiting around forever for the conditions to be perfect, setting yourself up for disappointment and regret.  

Because life is full of plot twists.

  Not to mention, an indecision is a decision. Whatever the outcome you are hoping for may just never come to fruition to move you forward in doing what it is you want to do.   So do what you need to do. Put yourself in the driver seat in creating the experience you want in your life.   The other day I was having a Skype chat with a friend who is currently living in Paris. She shares with me I’ve decided I’m going to move to Spain.  
Me: Cool. When were you thinking? What triggered it?
Her: I’ve always liked Spain and I’ve been wanting to move out of France for awhile but have just been waiting around until all my friends here leaves.
  We go on to talk about how we often are waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to do the things we want. We push what we want to do to the side until some rule(s) we’ve made up in our life becomes reality. And more often than not, it makes no sense.  Why? because we structure our life in a way where our happiness is dependent on things we cannot control.  We make it difficult for ourselves to feel happy.   In my friend's case, who knows when all her amigos will leave Paris. If she continues to operate waiting for her friends to leave, mon amie could be waiting forever to move.  
'It's funny.' she said, 'I also realized if one of my friends wanted to move out of Paris, they would've just moved without asking me for permission. They wouldn't wait around and try to coordinate their move based on my schedule.'
  Obviously depending on what your thing is, you are the best judge to determine how long to wait for and do what makes sense to you.   Knowing there will always be something that comes up. And not everything in life will line up flawlessly as you wish. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet, make a decision and just follow through. Whether that is popping that special bottle of wine or making that change.  

Trust that you can manage and are capable enough to take on what comes up.

  So what are you waiting for? There is no better time to treat and start honouring yourself now.   Photo by: Joshua Earle

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