Get Back to the Basics Or You Will Cheat Yourself Of This

“Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily.” - Epictetus   Recently I signed up for ballet barre classes wanting to try out this new studio I discovered close by my neighborhood. As I completed my registration, the lady who was signing people in for classes looked at me and asked, have you ever done ballet?   I said no, but I’ve taken a few ballet barre yoga classes with plié and stuff.   And she said, you may want to try the Barre 101 class being offered to get your feet wet. The one you want to try is fairly fast paced. It may also be a better experience for you to familiarize yourself with the basic foundations and the classical vocabulary so that you can apply it to the more dynamic and intense classes.   Although she had good intentions, I was thinking Really? I'm sure I can manage.    To be on the safe side, I took her advice and went to Barre 101. The class was fun and I felt like a ballerina in the making. Although, I admit there were times where I definitely was not graceful  but overall I felt like I kept up and could totally do the faster tempo class.   The following day I decided I was going to take the more advance class. Quicker tempo with a contemporary cardiovascular component to it.  It was hard and once again I felt like I was able to improvise my way through it.   For the next few days, I continued my pattern of trying the more advanced classes instead of registering for the foundation and beginner classes. I thought if I challenged myself and push myself to continue doing it, I’ll get it eventually.   Needless to say, I was sweating and getting a workout but I was still struggling with the steps and ballet choreography. I looked more like a haggard swan than the graceful Odette in Swan Lake.  

Morale of the Story


Get back to the basics. There are no short cuts.


You have to start and build your foundation.   And what popped into my email-box couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. As a subscriber to James Altucher's newsletter, he shared a couple of things that spurred his interest this week on the Internet.   One of the videos he shared was a clip from the HBO show "Vinyl". It nails and reinforces the importance of the art of foundation.   It made me realize by trying to skip over the building blocks, I was only cheating myself of getting the full benefits of the barre class. Everything from strengthening my flexibility, agility and core stability to develop a leaner and taller body. So I decided to get back to basics and started signing up for the beginner classes.  

You are only as strong as the foundation that you stand on and build for yourself.

  The commitment you put in every day is what contributes to your ability to be a better version of you every day, and in dealing with matters of life. Be it in a relationship, building a business, learning something new, putting flawless make up on, picking yourself back up when life throws you those curve balls.   If you are feeling stuck, get back to the basics.   Begin by revisiting your foundation, re-build if need be and integrating all of your experiences along the way to create anything of value you want in your life.   To check out this short 3:22 minute clip from "Vinyl" CLICK HERE . It’s a solid fundamental reminder. Enjoy! 🙂   Let me know what you think of the video and if you dare to share, what are you cheating yourself out of right now?   Photo By Marion Michele
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