Be Inspired features Chris Mauerer – Founder of Loverope

Christian Mauerer’s mission is to make this planet a little  happier. He started out with post-its, creating artwork with it and doing some design stuff wherever he goes. It continued with a 12.000mile trip to find happiness. At the moment he is creating his own customizable bracelet (Loverope), to spread some more good vibes. Christian likes to do yoga, have deep conversations and maybe just like you he is here to find his story on this planet.  

1. Tell us about yourself, what inspired you in your mission to make this planet a little happier? Why is this important to you?

Well, I grew up in an entrepreneurial family (my parents have a family business selling mushrooms & berries- importing and exporting them) and my dad overtook that business from my grandfather, but he was never really happy with it although it brought good financial return - so I thought to myself:


Well no matter what I do in the future it will be something that will make me happy despite of the money I earn and things I do.


So I went out into the world and created myself through post-its, sought out to make the world a happier place through a 12.000 mile road trip and now I am creating my own bracelet that shall spread the love. Here I am - naive and young as never before trying to conquer the world with love.

2. What made you decide to take a 12000 mile trip to find happiness instead of finding it in your own country, in your own backyard?

Several reasons: I’ve always wanted to do a road trip in America, my friend whom I did the trip with is from California & the US is just easier to explore in terms of no language barriers/borders etc.

3. What did you learn on that trip?

Phew, that’s a broad question. The most valuable lesson is that everybody is so unique. Everybody has his/her own story and his/her own path. Happiness is hard to generalize – everybody has to do it his/her way.

4. What does living a good happy life mean to you?

Having balance & pursuing your dreams. I know it sounds cliché, but I think it is possible to attain. I want to love radically & serve people the best I can.

5. What happiness or self-love practice do you do every day to remind yourself you are a happiness warrior?

I think the most important is my morning routine. The first 1h of the day belong to me – and that is only me. No facebook, no smartphone, no nothing. Just me doing exercise (yoga, running) and then having my breakfast.

6. What triggered you to start the idea of creating customizable bracelet Loverope?

I’ve always wanted a bracelet for myself that reminded me of what we all inherently know or taught ourselves throughout life.


Be kind. Be gentle. Give love.


All these little things that we inherently know but we forget sometimes. If someone or something only could remind you of what you want to be or how you want to act. That’s how Loverope was born.

7. What is your ideology of love? If you are wiling to share, what is stamped on your personal Loverope to remind you of what is truly important to you?

My ideology of love. Simple: Love is louder. (that’s also what’s on my personal Loverope)


I’ve discovered that listening to “Love” and what it has to say helped me massively in the past. The only question I’m constantly trying to answer is “What would love do?”


This realigns my focus and what I’m here to do on this planet – to spread positive emotions and alleviate pain.


8.You started creating post-it art and you’ve made some pretty impressive pixelated pictures, one of which is an image of Steve Jobs to honor his legacy on the glass window of Munich’s Apple store with your friend and passer by. Where did you first see post-it art? And what was the first step you took to learn how to create art through post it? What were people’s reactions to your project that day?

I have never seen post-it art before that date – all that served as my inspiration were random individual post-its on the glass front of the Apple Store in Munich that day, and in that moment when I was standing in front of that window I was thinking “Hey don’t you think it’s possible to create a shape/portrait out of different post-its? Boom. Seed planted.” The idea was born. It was a wonderful feeling to have such a little enlightenment.


For the execution part - I was 20 years old at that point and had not a single clue on how to do that, so I founded a Facebook group of people in my friend circle, who I thought would be able to draft something like the apple logo or a portrait in photoshop. I asked the Apple Store Manager if it were okay to come next weekend and stick a couple post-its. He said yes and I organised a couple friends to stick the portrait with me on that date, bought the post-its and we did it. This is how all of this came together 🙂

9. In the making the image of Steve Job, it was documented into a 3 minute video. At the end of the video, there’s a quote from Steve Job that said,

“You can’t connect the post its looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that somehow the post its connect in the future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”


If you are willing, would you be able to share a personal story of how this has made a difference in your life?

Well, you have to know why you’re doing things in order to start. In order to get going. If I don’t have my WHY I can not execute on the HOW and WHAT. That means if I don’t have 100% trust in the reason I’m doing what I am doing, it will never be authentic & filled with the energy necessary to make things successful.

10. What’s next for you or what is something on your bucket list you are looking forward to do this year?

Next on my list: Create a global movement of love with Loverope being a stepping stone into building that community.

12. Any other message you want to share with others? What’s the best way for people to connect with you?

The last thing I want to share is that you should go out and realize your very own path. Everybody has their story and unique experiences that makes them who they are. You, too. You are unique – go out and realize your potential, because it is limitless.  You can connect with him on Facebook, Instagram and at Loverope.

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